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...where the cool kids come to hang

Skankin' To The Beat

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you don't really have to be from CT...its bascially a place to chill and talk about music. good music like ska and other cool shiz like that. please excuse the ghetto, i'm oriental and as much as we try to be black...it will never work.

Ok i think i got the little icon thingy from http://www.stellardream.net...i can't really remember but i pretty sure. its a cool site with real neat icons. you should check it out.

Ok. I'm going to start this thingy for new members and stuff like that. fill this little "questionaire" out when you join so people get to know you a little better.

1. Name/nickname
2. Bands you like
3. Stuff you like
4. Random things you just feel like saying about yourself
5. Pictures of yourself(optional)

Yeah its not that long...it'll take you a couple minutes tops...i think...its all good.